civil Engineering Services

Insider knowledge of the local building climate, land development regulations, and local & state requirements relating to residential design and construction. 

NPE performs a wide array of tasks in the workflow of building a home.

Property Development: Design & Permitting

Residential, commercial, industrial, & mixed use

Permitting at local, state, and federal levels

Production of plans sets customized for use in: planning, pricing, permitting, and construction

Project Management

Master planning & development phasing
Coordinating design consultants and services
Aiding developers to efficiently navigate the planning and design process

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Water Supply, Wastewater & Stormwater Management

Design of connections to potable water service

Design and permitting of sewer connections, septic systems, and advanced treatment options

Stormwater runoff calculations, detention, and snow storage planning

Steep gravel road in the mountains

Road, Driveway, & Pathway Design

Design of efficient, safe, and enjoyable roads, driveways, & pathways

Earthwork balancing of site materials

Provide easy access and maneuverability for construction equipment

Safe and comfortable curve and slope design for winter conditions

Landscape & Hardscape Planning

Utilizing site features

View maximization and privacy screening

Vegetation planting plans

Creating well integrated and connected properties via hardscapes, grading, and vegetation planting

Land Development & Site Assessment

Review & Assessment of Relevant Land Development Regulations

Site Development & Floor Area Tabulation and Summation

Topographic Slope Analysis

Site Conditions Assessments

Real Estate Due Diligence


Architectural drafting

Personalized Design Development 

Architectural plan set production for renovations, or new construction

Coordinating advanced custom design with knowledgeable local architecture firms